Moms from across Ga head to Atlanta to rally for tougher gun law

Moms from across Ga head to Atlanta to rally for tougher gun law

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Mothers from across Georgia will be heading to the state Capitol on Wednesday, Feb. 21, to rally for tougher gun laws.

The Moms Demand Action advocacy group will rally Wednesday at 10 a.m. at Liberty Plaza in Atlanta, and there will be a group from Savannah in attendance. The group of mothers left around 5 a.m. Wednesday morning.

‘Moms Demand Action’ — This group rolled out 30mins ago, headed to Atlanta from Savannah. Their mission is to rally against gun legislation that would allow anyone to carry guns without a permit. @WTOC11

— Jarvis Robertson (@WTOCJarvis) February 21, 2018

These moms aren’t against guns. We’re told some of the members in the group are gun owners themselves. Their mission is to push for sensible and responsible gun ownership and legislation.

There are three bills in particular that these mothers are against because they would allow someone to carry a gun without having a permit. Other states that have passed similar laws have seen a significant increase in the number of gun-related crimes. Their research shows that 86-percent of Georgians support citizens be required to have a permit in order to carry a gun.

One piece of legislation these ladies would like to see is prohibiting someone the option to carry if they are a domestic abuser.

"An effort to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. That’s a major drive of gun violence in the state," said Anne Allen Westbrook, Moms Demand Action.

To find out more about Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, click here.

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